by Jean Gustave Sano

You ever wondered something you could probably eat with everything? I mean with rice, pasta, potatoes, fries or even bread and many more? Yes I have! When I was a kid my mother made us this wonderful stew all the time and it was my favorite. It is so rich in flavor and very easy to cook. Now whenever I am lazy and want to cook something less complicated, this is always my go to!



- Beef Stew Meat

- Vegetable Oil

- Butter

- Tomato Paste

- Veggies (red onions, bell peppers)

- Seasonings (paprika, chili powder, garlic powder, ground cumin, crushed red pepper, steak seasoning, salt) 



1. Cut your beef in little cubes (if not cut already).

2. In your pot add a generous amount of oil (4-6oz) and let it heat at at least 375°. Cook on medium-high heat.

3. Now add the beef stew in your pot.

4. Once the beef stew start cooking, it will generate some water while turning brownish, go ahead and add a little bit of more water and let it simmer until all the water drains.

5. Once the water drains, check if the meat is well cooked and tender. If that’s not the case, go ahead and add a little bit of water, let it cook and drain again.

6. Now that the meat is well cooked and tender, drain the oil and leave just a little to cook veggies.

7. Go ahead and add you veggies and your seasoning.

8. Once the veggies caramelize, add a little bit of water, let it simmer until the water drains.

9. Now go ahead add butter (1/4 block).

10. Now add tomato paste. Mix and let the tomato paste cook until it darkens and you can smell it. This tells you that it is well cooked.

11. Now add some water to your mix and check the sauce thickness to your preference. Now let it simmer until it boils and reduce heat to low for another 10 minutes.